Evelyn Cormier comes from the mountains and valleys of New Hampshire. Her voice has been described as rich and wild, uniquely her own, a sweet blend of magic and musical madness. Billboard Magazine said of Evelyn's singing, “If you close your eyes, drink chamomile, it’s like being transported back to some lost Lilith Fair performance, circa 1998”. Her songwriting is at once melodic and melancholy, lulling listeners into another time and place. With eclectic influences that range from the Cure to Lana Del Ray, the Cranberries to Dinosaur Jr, her unique sound is hauntingly beautiful and contemplative, yet at the same time universal and accessible.

Evelyn has been hailed by Katy Perry as “her most favorite voice ever” on season 17 of American Idol where she was a TOP 14 Finalist. With her unexpected sound, she has been shaking souls ever since. Follow her on Instagram @evelyncormier